Agile Development Tools Are Bringing Agility To Software Development

The concept of Agile development is understood as the principles where requirements and solutions evolve through constructive collaboration between self organizing, cross functional teams. Agile is spreading its magic tools of intuitive ability from software development to business enterprises.

Apart from existing mainstream companies like Microsoft and Atlassian, other software development companies like Liquid Planner, Active Collab and Agilo software are also providing gamut of agile solutions for organizations. So here are the list of Agile development tools businesses can leverage to invigorate software development body.

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Active Collab

As the name suggests, Active Collab is the software product that ease the pain involved in organizational needs for team collaboration and task management. With features that are designed to target project management and time tracking, Active Collab can help sophisticate the basic management system.

Infostud’s Ivana Thomas reveals in a case study on how Active Collab 2.0 has never disappointed them ever since they started using it in 2010. It was first tested by website, which resulted in a positive experience.

Infostud is happy install Active Collab on their server as it has gone beyond the basic to eliminate the need for having ordinary task manager with mediocre options. The problem with such fundamental task manager is that it doesn’t resolve organizational needs of higher degree and hence, it is not enough to have jejune task manager.

The advantages of having Active Collab are project management and tracking of all sizes, status priority checks, project completion status and amount of time taken to complete it.


Aha helps developers predetermine the future of upcoming situation while product development is still in progress. It gives the idea of product road map and supports the needs of both agile and traditional product management.

Shaun Schooley, the vice president of global marketing atCooperVision, the manufacturer of contact lenses, says that Aha is more than just a software development tool and has power to be called a product-planning tool since its strategic elements are conducive to commercial business operations.

Schooley went on to say that this phenomenal tool is able to connect their four teams and inform every one of timelines, deliverables, common objectives and that too without sharing a file over email.


With Dapulse project management tools, organizational teams can track the status of their growth-specific goals and companies can enjoy smooth management capabilities with seamless, faster project collaboration.

Rascon, Australia based builders, has been using Dapulse for past couple of years to track the overall status of projects and approvals for its granny flat construction projects. Easy to understand and visual, Dapulse betters their construction management.

“We use Dapulse as a task management, project planning, and company portal,” Rescon’s Timothy Cocaro says. “Having different boards, we can easily create tasks that are department-specific, e.g., ‘administration,’ ‘construction,’ etc.”

All our staff can easily view, contribute, and comment on those boards they have access too,” Cocaro says.

Liquid Planner

Based on SaaS, Liquid Planners offers management tools to create schedules that consider project priorities. It usually predicts the estimated date of project completion and executes portfolio level planning and factors that are accountable for workload.

Redapt, a Cloud infrastructure provider is among those who have adopted the power of Liquid Planners for their project management needs. The stunning aspect of their adoptions was that they were able to use it on a very first day.

David Cantu, COO of Redapt said that software is free from any time consuming complexity and it contributes to team communication and planning. Liquid Planners helps in application modernization and some areas of marketing and sales.


Yodiz as a project management software supports bug tracking and issue handling and offers centralized repository to manage project requirements.

Dawit Lessanu, the chief architect and technology director of Associated Press, writes appreciating the software that Yodiz has helped them take control of their workflow, streamline it and increase overall efficiency.

Associated Press has been into agile software practice for several years, and Yoduz is seen as offering centralized environment and spring and release management as well as backlog management, issue tracking, and team management.

“Yodiz provides a much greater degree of visibility into our team’s progress,” writes Lessanu and Robert Farr, AP principal technology research analyst. “The tool complements our daily calls and project meetings in an efficient manner.”

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